Interested in becoming a Sponsor?

TAMU SHPE is always looking for exciting, innovative, and energetic companies to establish relationships with! From our fun socials to our informative general meetings, there are plenty of opportunities for a new company to become a part of our #SHPEfamilia. Click on the link below to view our SponsorSHPE Proposal Packet and see the many ways you can join us! Don't forget to also check out the rest of the website to see all the exciting events we host!

TAMU SHPE Proposal

What we offer

Our organization is made up of a diverse group of Texas A&M students. We have every engineering discipline, and several non-engineering members. In addition, we have every classification of students from freshman to graduates. We also pride ourselves on the gender ratio of our society. These groups are explained futher below.

Benefits of becoming a Sponsor

  • Access to Member Resumes
  • Host a Technical Workshop
  • Host General Meetings
  • Host Company Tours
  • Promote your company through our email
  • Participate as a Professional Mentor

How to become a Sponsor?

To become a sponsor to our organization, please fill out the Corporate Contribution Form found in our SponsorSHPE Proposal. Then, email the completed form to tamushpe@gmail.com addressed to our Vice President, Cynthia Jarvis, with "Completed CCF" in the subject line. We will then be in contact to see what events your company can host. We look forward to seeing how your company changes tamuSHPE! For more information, please don't hesitate to ask.

Major Diversity

Our organization strives to reach students of various majors in the College of Engineering and in other colleges. We partner with the Student Engineering Council, and attend events such as Engineering Open House and E-Week through our partnership, allowing us to reach a variety of students. In addition, our meetings with companies attract both STEM fields in math and physics, and non-STEM fields alike. Our society is made up of multiple majors, shown in the table here.

Classification Variety

TAMU SHPE helps all students, of any classification, to grow in their fields. Underclassmen are engouraged to join our MentorSHPE program to be partnered with upperclassmen for a year. Mentors help mentees by sharing experiences, tips for living at Texas A&M, and provide support for those that need it. For upperclassmen, TAMU SHPE offers leadership positions, and professional skills workshops such as resume revisiona and mock interviews that help them grow and be ready to enter the work force. The breakdown of our organization is shown in the graph here to the left.

Gender Diversity

TAMU SHPE takes a strong approch in changing the diversity of STEM fields, as we believe everyone can impact the world. We currently have a 40.6% female and 59.1% male ratio, in comparison to the national average of 18% female and 82% male. We credit our standings to our SHPEtina Program, which focuses on creating an environment that rids the stigma many Latinas face. The program brings in SHPE Professionals to talk about their experiences and how they overcame obstacles they faced. These events allow both male and female members to become more aware of the challenges women face in the engineering industry. By empowering the women of today, future generations of female engineers will feel it too.

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