Stay involved as a Former Student!


Welcome back! The TAMU SHPE Former Students Program program is designed specifically for you. We know you miss your SHPE Familia, so this is the perfect way to reconnect! Join our Former Students Facebook Page for more information on how we can work together to change lives, empower communities, and impact the world.

We need your help!

Professional MentorSHPE

Be a professional mentor to a student by joining our MentorSHPE program. Help students decide what they want to persue after graduation, and how to apply to internships while in school. Fill out the application to join today! Email for any questions and inquiries.


Former Students ScholarSHPE Information

ScholarSHPE Proposal

Become a scholarship donor and help a fellow SHPEster attend National Convention in Denver, CO. The changes made by SHPE National this year has changed the amount of students our organization is able to sponsor, so we are looking for ways to raise funds. We hope you look at your experience at National Convention fondly, and are able to help more students to attend and make their own memories. Please look though our Former Students Scholarship Proposal for more information.