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The Tech Affairs Website provides a user guide for both creating a Personal Website as well as learning how to code in Python.

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Job Opportunities

Weather it be jobs on campus or a summer internships, opportunities are readily available to those seeking the next step in their career.


Scholarships are readily available to students of all grade levels. The most popular of which is the University Wide Scholarship offered by Texas A&M, but there are others offered by fellow SHPE chapters, etc.

Scholarship Resources
Resume Resources

Resume are one of the most important documents in the professional world. Below you will find some resources that can help keep a clean, updated resume on hand.

Resume Resources
Mental Health

Living in a virtual world can take a toll on one's mental health. In SHPE, we believe that mental health is an important aspect and should be addressed with utmost importance. Below are some resources that you may find beneficial.

Stay in Touch

Interact with your SHPE Familia at any time by joining the SHPE Discord and GroupMe! Whether you have a question or just want to be in the loop with upcoming events, you can find the links below:

Group Me Discord
Money Education Center

Within the Money Education Center you can find resources relating to topics ranging from research to money advising.

Money Education Center

Students are encouraged to meet with their advisor on our General Engineering Advising Team. Currently students can meet with advisors by setting up an appointment to skip the wait with the HOWDY Portal or Navigate App, or during walk-in advising hours.

Academic Advisors

Use the Navigate Student App to help you stay on track your first year. Available in both the Apple App and Google Play stores for free, you’ll want to take advantage of the Navigate App to stay organized.

Navigate Student App

The following button will take you to the official page of the Office of the Regstrar. There you can find a variety of resources such as registration schedules, undergraduate degree planner, and how to calcualte your GPA.

Office of the Registrar

Going into your first semester of college is a learning experience, and we have a variety of free tutoring and support services available to help you be successful. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of these resources which are designed with students in mind.

Strategies for Success

When accepting AP and IB credits, you’ll want to take time to meet with your advisor to make sure you are only accepting the courses you need. Once an AP/IB credit is accepted it cannot be removed from your transcript. AP and IB credits can only be accepted for Math and Chemistry by your advisor, and depending on scoring.

Claiming your IB/AP Credits

Once you meet the entry to a major requirement, typically after your second semester at Texas A&M University, you can apply to a major. Students who earn a cumulative GPA higher than a 3.75 will automatically be admitted to their first choice major. Students with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher, will undergo the holistic application process, and be placed in one of their top 3 majors.

Entry to a Major (ETAM)
Campus Life

The parking garages serve students and visitors. For the safety of all garage parkers, the speed limit in all garages is 10 mph, and the traffic flow is designated as one-way.


The aggie map can help you find any building on campus, physical distance study areas, parking, restrooms, etc.

Aggie Map

Click below for information on the Zachry Engineering Education Complex.

Zachry Facility Map

Want to grab a quick bite? There are many options to grab lunch or a drink on campus!

Campus Dining Map